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Sunday, January 31, 2010

A needed Break

This past week started with 50 degree temps and 3 inches of rain. Needless to say, most of the ice in my area was compromised. Most of the lakes and rivers opened up in areas and the shore line busted up.
On Thursday i tried my hand at herring fishing with no luck at all. I went to 3 marinas, and spent about4 hours trying to get a few of these scaly, oily, silver fish. It was nice to get out during some snow and do some fishing.
I took some time during the rest of the week trying to get my fishing gear together. I had a Riptide that needed some care. After giving it a good cleaning and some Tibor grease it was as good as new. I did realize i am in the market for a new fly box. Seems that the Cliff Out doors bugger Beast SR. is the only one to get.
The week ended With the West Redding Fire house game dinner. I took my position with friends and flipped steaks for hours on the grill outside. The weather could have been a little warmer. But we had a great time telling dirty jokes, and busting balls.
On a bad note i pulled into work Saturday night and noticed that my truck was throwing ATF fluid all over. I needed this like a hole in my head. I did have plans to do some ice fishing this week and some small game hunting, but i am going to have to get the truck fixed first. I just hope it will not be expensive and can be fixed fast.
It was nice to have a week of rest.

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