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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Back in Action!

What a busy week. I ended up working a bunch of extra shifts, and acomplished a lot of stuff on my "to do list". I did get back onto the ice on thursday, however. The warm weather that put ice fishing in CT on a short hiatus was reversed. Last weekend saw lows in the below zero range. Needless to say all the lakes tightened back up.
I had to work thursday mornging so when i got out i picked up fishing buddy Michael SW CT form www.ctfisherman.com. We got some bait and hit Candlewood lake for some jigging action. The weather was sunny and brisk, not the best day for fishing by any means. I wish i was able to go friday. The fishing was as tough. We kept moving around trying to locate some forms of life on our flashers. We did a lot of moving and not a lot of finding. Michael and I did not get skunked, however, and we did have a hell of a time. I ended up with a small trout and mike got a perch and a bluegill. During the madness that is my life i was able to find some time to tie flies. I ordered a new fly box, The Crab Shack, by Cliff Outdoors. This has got to be one of the best saltwater fly boxes i have owned. Next week is going to be action packed. Monday i am going to scout out a place to trap some beavers, wed i am going to do some squirrel and rabbit hunting and saturday i am going on a pheasant/chucker hunt. I should have a lot to say next week. Enjoy some trout eye candy!

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