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Sunday, February 14, 2010


This is the time of year that you realize your just as far in as you are out, and it is the dead of winter. The nights seem down right frigid, and days cold. We got about 9 inches of snow this past week, which just seemed to dash any dreams of an early spring. Good news seems to be ever so slightly rearing its head, however. I have noticed the sun rises about 30 minutes later and sets 30 minutes later. The real first sign that winter is fighting a uphill battle that it will inevitably loose to spring soon. Cabin Fever seems to be setting in with just about everyone, and i was no different. The terribly cold nights and windy days seems to be keeping everyone inside. The time had come when i just had to get out and have some winter fun. Monday i got out of work and looked at a swamp that at one time was dammed up by beaver. The property owner seemed to believe they were back because the water level changed, so I went and took a look for myself. I put on my waders and grabbed my ice spud. I spent about 45 minutes crashing through the swamp, and breaking ice. It was clear that the beavers had not returned. There was a series of 3 dams, each with breaks. If the beavers were there they would have patched the holes over night.
I went out and picked up some fly tying materials for the upcoming spring on Thursday. I got some nice long saddle in grizzly and white. They should turn out fantastic flies. Even though, we are in the dead of winter, spring will be here soon. I better get going and crank out some flies so i am not caught with my pants down in April.
I ended the week with a preserve pheasant hunt on Saturday. I went with some people up to Fairholm upland preserve in Woodstock, CT. The place was top notch and i could not have been happier. The people feed you breakfast and lunch, and drove you out to the hunting areas. We had a 20 bird hunt, 12 pheasant and 8 chucker. Ozzy the dog put birds up all day and out of the 20 we only lost 1. The upland birds are not tough at all when compared to sea ducks and don't fly nearly as fast. I really want to recommend Fairholm Upland Preserve to people that want to have a good time and shoot a bunch of stuff. We even put a cap in an opossum that was out during the day. Food was great as well. I can't wait to cook they birds up. Thanks to scott and his brother for a great time.

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