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Monday, February 22, 2010

This Year is shaping up to be a tough one. Between work and everything else i have only been able to get out fishing or hunting a few times. The days I have been able to get out have been Poor days for fishing an hunting. The brisk blue bird days of winter are the last things i wanted to get on my days off. I would have traded them for snowy and overcast days in a hart beat. Last weeks fishing kind of followed that same pattern of bad luck. On Wednesday i was able to get out and fish candlewood. Again, i had a big high pressure system edging in on my day. At first, the bluegills and pumpkin seeds were very active. As the sun came up and the NW wind picked up the fishing shut down for the day. Saturday morning i had a few hours to tie up some flies for the up coming spring. This next week is looking to be a wet one with 4 days of snow, sleet, and rain coming in, followed by, several windy days. I hope i can get out on Wednesday morning for some squirrel hunting.

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